1. Audition for the Cornell University Chorus

As the a cappella subset of the Cornell University Chorus, you must first successfully audition for the Chorus. The 2-part Chorus audition will comprise a few vocal exercises, sight-reading tests, and singing within a smaller ensemble group.

To audition for the Cornell University Chorus, click here.

For more information on the Cornell Choirs, click here.

2. Audition for After Eight!

Once you have been accepted into the Chorus, you will be invited to audition for After Eight!

Current members will be available as a resource to answer audition questions and offer sign-up opportunities. If you have any specific questions, email our Musical Director, Maggie, at

3. Join After Eight!

After your successful audition, we'd love to give you a big, minty welcome into the After Eight family!

After the inaugural Newbie Night, rehearsals will commence immediately on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our semester will be packed with fun arch sings, concerts, and tours!